Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquisition is one way that our emerging growth clients and their investors achieve liquidity and move to the next stage. Over the past five years, M&H, LLP has handled hundreds of mergers and acquisition transactions. We represent all categories of participants – sellers, buyers, investors, executive officers, and individual stockholders.

Many of our emerging growth clients have been acquired by brand-name companies, including Google, Yahoo, Nokia, Marvell, and Intel, among others. Our attorneys are experienced in negotiating the best deals for our clients and in helping them navigate the complexities of merger and acquisition transactions.

"As a CEO, I was impressed with the straightforward, common sense approach to problem solving taken by the attorneys who now comprise M&H. I have encouraged several of my portfolio companies to work with M&H and each has enjoyed the professional legal support necessary in a fast moving start-up world."
Howard Hartenbaum, General Partner, Draper Richards

Representative Clients

  • 3Tera, Inc.
  • Advent Business Solutions, Inc.
  • Avvenu, Inc.
  • Confluence Solar, Inc.
  • Eluceon Research, Inc.
  • Erler & Kalinowski, Inc.
  • Fanvibe, Inc.
  • HourTown, Inc.
  • Packaging Corporation of America
  • PicoMobile, Inc.
  • Qumu, Inc.
  • Saratoga Systems, Inc.
  • STEP Labs, Inc.
  • TVN Entertainment Corporation